Dr. M. Abdul Mu'min Chowdhury

The author, Dr. M. Abdul Mu'min Chowdhury, a native of Sylhet, was educated at the universities of Dhaka, Exeter (England) and London. As a teacher of Sociology, he taught in his early career at the universities of Agriculture (East Pakistan) and Dhaka during the period of 1967 to 1973.

Apart from his working association with Dr. Hasan Zaman at the Bureau of National Reconstruction (BNRl, Dhaka, in late 1960s for undertaking many research works, he continued to write for many newspapers and also edited a few published from Dhaka and London.

He co-authored some periodicals and books Including the Iron Bars of Freedom (1981) published from London during the period from mid 1970s and early 1980s with the late Dr. Matiur Rahman who himself authored a number of books on the political history of the Indian subcontinent until his demise in London In 1982. Since late 1973 Dr. Chowdhury lives in England and works currently as a Management Consultant.